Group Sucessfully climbed mountain Group Sucessfully climbed mountain

our team

BCM Staff

Hillary Chavez


National Volunteer & Operations Coordinator

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Linnea Delucchi


Events and Adventure Fundraising Manager

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Bailey Denmark


Director of Development

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Maggie Lacwasan


Boston Program Manager

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David Lee


SF Bay Area Program Manager

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Megan Parkinson


Minneapolis St. Paul Program Manager

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Sal Prado


Denver Program Manager

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Fred Sproat


National Program Director

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David Taus


Executive Director

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four-legged staff

Here are BCM, we love our pet companions! They all help us do our best work. Meet them below.


Ember was bred to be a sled dog in northern Minnesota but an insatiable appetite for belly rubs and an imperfect gait forced her into early retirement. Nowadays she spends her free time tearing up the Duluth trails.




Weighing in at 16 pounds, Pawsgraf is the resident CHONK of BCM’s feline crew. He spends most of his days sleeping in sunbeams or wandering off into alternate dimensions- you know, normal cat things. When he isn’t sleeping or time traveling, he can be found zooming around the house (usually between the hours of 2am and 4am), playing with his dog sister, or silently judging you from his chair in the living room. An avid gardener, Pawsgraf takes great pride in the patio garden his Moms have and will often go out to do some pruning (mostly unauthorized) to “help out.”

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