Launch of the 2023 Adventure for Someone Campaign

At Big City Mountaineers, we are kicking off 2023 with the official launch of our Adventure for Someone (AFS) fundraising program. Read on to hear more about what’s new for AFS in 2023!

Adventure for Someone (AFS) is a core component of how Big City Mountaineers (BCM) raises funds to provide transformative experiences for youth in nature. By putting the power of fundraising in the hands of our key supporters, Adventure fundraising creates collective commitment to improve access to and equity in outdoor spaces. For decades, BCM’s adventure fundraising model has mobilized outdoor enthusiasts across the United States and world to support equitable youth access to the outdoors – and we are excited to mobilize more in 2023. 

With our Summit for Someone (SFS) program officially transitioned, we are excited to re-focus our 2023 AFS campaign on three key pillars – Appreciation, Creativity, and Community. With a $150,000 fundraising goal for the year, we hope to catalyze more people than ever before to Adventure for Someone. 


This year, BCM is excited to show our appreciation to adventurers through a new incentive tier program. Depending on the amount of money an AFS campaign has raised by 9/1/2023, campaigners will qualify for top of the line of gear and swag.  At the highest level of participation, AFSers will be able to access the iconic Summit for Someone style experiences that the BCM community celebrates and loves! Additionally, donors to AFS campaigns of their choosing will also have a chance to receive some cool swag. Check out the initial release of our 2023 incentives below: 

We are thrilled with the initial offering of incentives, and we expect we’ll have more incentives added before the AFS year is out!


The best part about AFS? You don’t have to climb Mt. Everest or go on a 5 day backpacking trip. You can do exactly what you want that fits your goals, abilities, and personality! Take your dog on a walk around town, do some lakeside yoga, or bike alongside a river near you – the options are endless! We encourage you to think outside of the box, like “Subway” Sean Clancy, who walked across the country eating nothing but, you guessed it, Subway.


The crux of adventure fundraising is the BCM community – youth, agency partners, volunteers, and everyone who thinks the outdoors should be accessible to all. By rallying your friends, co-workers or classmates to get involved, you can ensure your campaign has the widest and largest impact it can. Once you create your campaign page using our online AFS platform, you can share your campaign on your socials and encourage your community to join you in adventuring for someone.

Worried about the fundraising part? Don’t worry, the BCM team is here to support you every step of the way. We have a breadth of resources that make rallying your networks easy and fun. If you’re ready to start adventuring, click here to check out other AFS adventures for inspiration and register your campaign. Don’t forget to tag BCM @bigcitymountaineers and use #Adventure4BCM and #AdventureFundraising to join the conversation online!


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