Boston Overnight Camp Coordinator

Boston Overnight Camp Coordinator

About BCM: BCM aims to instill critical life skills in under-resourced youth through transformative wilderness mentoring experiences. Working with community-based youth agencies and caring adult volunteer mentors, our professionally guided programs improve integrity, self-esteem, responsibility, decision-making abilities and communication skills in youth participants. BCM’s core program is a single gender, week long wilderness expedition (backpacking or canoeing) with a 1:1 ratio of 5 teens to 5 adult mentors. In addition to the expedition, groups participate in single day and overnight experiences pre and post expedition to help develop trust, skills, and transform learning from the backcountry to their everyday lives.  BCM also facilitates one night camping trip for 8-12 year old students, providing them with a safe and fun introduction to tent camping.  Our single night programing has been growing organization wide, and has served as an excellent stepping stone to our expedition programming. For the first time, BCM is investing in a dedicated Camp Coordinator for the Boston region as we are excited strengthen our reach in the Boston region.

Position: Boston Overnight Camp Coordinator. Big City Mountaineers’ Boston Camp Coordinator is the heart of our Overnight Camp programming.  More than anyone else, they understand the importance of the work that BCM does and how best to create a lasting impact on everyone that they work with.  The Boston Camp Coordinator serves as a field risk manager, educator, mentor and steward as they facilitate a great Summer Camp experience for youth.  And as BCM establishes a more robust program in Boston, the Camp Coordinator will have an opportunity to lay the foundation for anticipated expansion of our programs serving the greater Boston community.

Overnight Camp Overview: Through one night, two day camping experiences in the Mt. Monadnock area, BCM Boston Overnight Camps provide youth, ages 8-12, with a safe and supportive environment to develop an increased sense of self, understanding of their place in the natural world, a passion for lifelong learning and awareness of healthy lifestyles. Activities emphasize team-building and outdoor education to teach collaboration and teamwork. These activities allow campers to learn critical life skills, using the outdoors as a unique context for these lessons.

The Boston Overnight Camp Coordinator will oversee the management and execution of a safe and successful program season including pre-season logistics, volunteer coordination and the day to day operations of each Overnight Camp including managing camp instructors, adult volunteers, outreach program logistics, and agency staff. Beginning in May and continuing to the end of July, the Boston Camp Coordinator position will be a combination of office work (remote) and the management of 4 BCM Overnight Camps to take place in New Hampshire State Parks.  The Boston Camp Coordinator is expected to facilitate a total of four overnight camping experiences for our agency partners and their students.

Reports to: National Program Director


  • Must be at least 23 years of age
  • Have valid driver’s license
  • Minimum of First Aid/CPR (WFA or WFR preferred)
  • Pass BCM Background Check
  • Reliable vehicle that you are willing to use for work (mileage reimbursed)


  • Proven ability and desire to effectively lead, motivate, communicate with, encourage, and manage youth of diverse backgrounds
  • Personal and professional values consistent with BCM’s mission, values, and principles
  • Ability to inspire passion for our program
  • Strong understanding of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Proven ability to manage a team and execute curriculum in a fast-moving changing environment
  • Experience working and leading youth development, environmental education, and/or recreation programs
  • Be dependable, helpful, proactive, and display a positive attitude
  • Comfortable in an outdoor setting, regardless of adverse weather conditions


Overnight Camp Management and Curriculum Development

  • Create overall daily schedule, outcomes, and objectives for camp programming
  • Compile a resource to help volunteers and instructors facilitate group activities and games
  • Lesson plan technical skills education for student campers
  • Scout camp area and day hike routes

Staff and Volunteer Management

  • Assist in conducting a one day pre-camp training for adult volunteers and camp instructors.
  • Conduct pre-camp and post-camp briefings and debriefings.
  • Assist National Program Director in, recruiting, screening, and placement of camp volunteers
  • Manage instructors and volunteers during camp experiences
  • Provide evaluations and feedback for staff and volunteers

Camp Pre/Post Season Logistics

  • Maintain, inventory, and store camp equipment
  • Menu planning
  • Request and source activity materials
  • Update training materials for following program season
  • Complete, collect and deposit all program related paperwork
  • Complete program and incident reporting for the overnight camp season
  • Communication with Outreach Programs/Agency Partners Prior to Camp

 Overnight Camps in the Field

  • Manage volunteers, staff, outreach programs, and agency leads at camps
  • Oversee day-to day operations of camps
  • Be ultimately responsible for curriculum delivery, risk management, and achievement of camp outcomes at each camp session
  • Strive to maintain a physically and emotionally safe space for our program participants

Compensation and Locations

 This is a seasonal position with a temporary contract that spans the months of May – July of 2019.  BCM hopes to hire someone in the Boston metro area.  Some travel around Boston and between Boston and the Mt. Monadnock area is required.

Compensation: $17.00 an hour for a total of 440 hours spread between May, June and July.  Additionally, driving mileage and travel expenses will be covered by BCM or reimbursed.

To apply: Submit a cover letter and resume to Please include “Boston Camp Coordinator” in the subject line.

Applications are due by February 22nd, 2019