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Water Bottles

Expedition Survival Tip

It gets cold and rains out there in the wilderness so pack accordingly. And if all else fails there’s always the huddle together for warmth method.

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Adult Packing List – Backpacking

Adult Packing List – Canoeing

Adult Packing List – Colorado Overnight Camp


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Mentoring Resources

TED – Every Kid Needs a Champion

Games, Activities, and Initiatives (With instructional videos)

Resources for working with LGBTQ youth (thanks to OUT There Adventures)

TED – Angela Lee Duckworth: the key to success? Grit

Using the Hidden Rules of Class to Create Sustainable Communities


Outdoor Skills

How to Pack for Your First Backpacking Trip from (plus other great outdoor recreation how-tos under “Topics” on their blog)

Backcountry Lightning Risk Management – By John Gookin (excellent resource if you want to geek out about lightning)