Today's Lesson: People Power
Water Bottles

Expedition Survival Tip

The key to a perfectly gooey s’more is all in how you toast the marshmallow. For best results, position yours an inch or so above the flames.

New Volunteers

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us! Please fill out the information below to hear about upcoming volunteer opportunities.

Here’s a brief overview of the volunteer process:

  • New Volunteer Information Sessions: February – April.
  • Volunteer Interviews and placement: March – May
  • Volunteer Training: One Saturday in June (region specific)
  • Expeditions and Camps: Late June – August

Please note: All new volunteers must reside within 200 miles of Denver, CO, Oakland, CA, Portland, OR, or Seattle, WA, for backpacking expeditions, and within 200 miles of Minneapolis, MN, for paddling expeditions.