Today's Lesson: Keeping Your Head Above Water

Youth Agency Leader

Each BCM expedition is comprised of four or five adults and five teens: one adult is hired by BCM as the Instructor, two or three are BCM volunteers that will fill various roles, and one adult is a staff member from the participating youth program. Each team member brings something unique to the table, and this is all part of the BCM experience.

As the Youth Agency Leader you are in a unique position because your role extends before, during, and after your expedition. You may also be the only adult to know the teens on your expedition before you leave. It is important that the adults and teens work together as a team on the trail, and you will help facilitate the relationships between the other adults and the youth.

Before your expedition, you will be responsible for choosing the right teens to have this experience. You then get to give them their “call to adventure,” getting them excited and preparing them for what is ahead. You will also help BCM by submitting all the teens’ paperwork so they are ready to hit the trail.

After your BCM expedition, you will have the opportunity to see the growth of your teens firsthand as they transition back into their everyday lives. You will be there as a support to translate the learning they had on the trail to their homes, school, and back to your agency.

Because BCM expeditions take place in remote settings, communication and consultation with BCM administrative and program staff is not always possible.  In order to provide for the physical and emotional well-being of trip participants, team members under the leadership of the Instructor need to be prepared to make decisions affecting all aspects of their trips including: itinerary and/or route changes, behavior management, transportation, etc.