Challenge Yourself to Change a Young Life

BCM Youth

The Facts on BCM Youth:

  • 100% are eligible for free or reduced lunch programs.
  • 83% are from families that report an average household income of $15,000 or less.
  • 71% are from single parent or guardian-led households.
  • “Not interested” is the number one reason for lack of outdoor participation by non-Caucasian youth.
  • 7hrs a day is the average screen time spent by urban youth.

The Results of BCM Programs:

  • 88% of BCM youth report that they will apply what they learned from their BCM trip and it will help them in their future and in their day-to-day life.
  • 100% of BCM youth report significant improvements in these key areas:
    Commitment to Learning: motivation to do well in school,               does homework, reads for pleasure.
    Positive Values: cares for other people, promotes equality,               has integrity, is honest and responsible.
    Social Competencies: plans and makes good decisions, can           resist peer pressure, seeks to resolve conflict non-violently.
    Positive Identity: feels in control, has high self-esteem, is               optimistic about personal future.
  • In 2012, Big City Mountaineers delivered over 1,800 program days (1 Program Day = One youth participating for one day) of recreational mentoring to our teen participants in four regions, including the Rocky Mountains, the Midwest, the Pacific Northwest and the San Francisco Bay Area.