Challenge Yourself to Change a Young Life

Get Social

High five! You decided to head out on an adventure of a lifetime through a Summit for Someone climb. We’d love to help you get the word out about your climb and help you share what Big City Mountaineers is about. Below are all the tools and inspiration you may need. Need anything else? Just ask!

Connect with us:


Share with us and the community:

  • #summitforsomeone
  • #bigcitymountaineers


What to share:

  • Pretrip:
    • Goal: raise awareness about your climb, what you are climbing for (BCM) and fundraising for:
      • What inspired you to head out on a Summit for Someone climb? Do you have a personal experience of how getting outdoors has helped you?
      • Use your social media and other networks to get your fundraising asks out to the widest community possible! You will be surprised how well your passion will inspire others to give.
      • Training story
        • Show people what it takes to climb your summit. What type of training are you doing? Are you changing your diet?
        • What gear are you putting together to get you to your summit?

Post about your training!

  • Information to share about BCM:
    • Climb supports BCM’s mission to transform the lives of
      underresourced urban youth through wilderness mentoring
    • BCM curriculum improves integrity, self esteem, responsibility, decision making abilities and communication skills in close to 1,000 youth annually. BCM has a proven track record of improving young people’s’ lives with:
      • Increased likeliness to stay in school
      • Reduction in violence
      • Reduction in drug use
    • Feel free to share any social posts from Big City Mountaineers!
    • We’ve also provided content from our students for you to use in your fundraising efforts here: Feel free to share these pictures, quotes, and videos as you promote your climb.
  • Trip:
    • Goal: Share your journey and how the climb is impacting you.

Share how your climb is going!

  • Post trip:
    • Goal: Continue the conversation. Recap your journey, share what you have learned, and thank your donors! Share your final fundraising total along with the impact that will have on BCM youth and encourage others to find their own Summit:
      • Share your experience and how it has changed you
      • Share how your individual effort has helped kids
        • Feel free to share photos from BCM’s social as we head out on the trail and to camp this summer.
      • Point your community to find their own Summit for Someone climb:


Types of content to share:

  • Photos: Upload your photos to our Google Drive and share over your own social accounts.
    (Inspiration below.)
  • Quotes: we love to hear how the climbs have impacted you personally and what the BCM program means to you. Email us or share over social media.
  • Stories: anything funny, heartwarming or memorable happen on the trip? Share! You can either email us or share over social media.