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Mt. Kilimanjaro


KilimanjaroEvery year, Summit for Someone climbers join together to ascend some of the world’s most breathtaking mountains to improve the lives of under-served youth. The vital funding that is raised through Summit for Someone makes it possible for Big City Mountaineers to deliver transformational wilderness mentoring expeditions to urban youth across the country in need of positive adult guidance in challenging and restorative environments. Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain on the African continent making it one of the “Seven Summits.” It is also the only place in the world where one can pass through five different temperate zones in as many days starting off in a jungle and ending in an alpine environment. Our climb to the “Roof of Africa” ascends via the scenic Umbwe Route. We are supported by Chagga porters allowing us to carry light packs. The Chagga have lived at the base of Kilimanjaro for many centuries and members of this tribe have accompanied expeditions to this mountain dating back to the earliest exploratory trips. We start hiking in a jungle canopy at 6500 feet. Over the course of seven days we will hike through different temperate zones each offering its own unique scenery and climate. This schedule also affords us a good acclimatization schedule. Our route brings us past some of the most spectacular scenery on the mountain including views of the Western Breach Wall and Heim Glacier. We descend via the Mweka Route. The Umbwe and Mweka Routes require participants to be in good physical shape but no technical mountaineering skills are needed.

  • Date: 02/2018
  • Length: 10 days
    • Option: Add a 4 day safari at the end of your itinerary (14 days total)
  • Location: Tanzania
  • Guide: Sierra Mountaineering International
  • Route: Umbwe Route
  • Summit Elevation: 19,340 feet
  • Climb Type: Expedition
  • Skill Requirement: Intermediate
  • Pledge Requirement: $8,500 (including a non-refundable registration fee)

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Big City Mountaineers is committed to supporting our Summit for Someone climbers every step of the way, helping to ensure you reach your fundraising goal and have fun while doing it!

We’ll help you set up a climber donation page and assist you along the way towards your fundraising goal. We encourage you to take full advantage of the Fundraising Guide and support from the BCM staff.

Many SFS participants are first-time climbers as well as first-time fundraisers. Therefore, we not only support you prepare you for your climb, but we also fully support your fundraising efforts.

Here are some of the resources we provide to make it easy to reach your goal:

  • Personal Online Fundraising Page via Crowdrise tell the world why you are Summiting for Someone, easily collect and track donations.
  • Summit for Someone Fundraising Guidewe’ve compiled years of SFS fundraising tips, ideas, initiatives, and templates to make it easy for you to reach your goal.
  • Monthly Email Newsletter Inspirationread stories of transformation and success from our BCM youth, receive even more fundraising tips.
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You are eligible to receive your gear package once you reach your fundraising goal, or 60 days prior to your climb, whichever comes first.

Mountain Gear

Mountain Gear generously stores and ships all of the SFS climber packages at no cost to BCM, so more of what you raise goes directly to youth programs! Thank you Mountain Gear!


Travel Insurance:

We recommend our climbers purchase an adventure travel insurance package to protect themselves from the cost related to emergencies in the mountains, cancellations or the downfalls of international travel (delays, lost luggage, theft).Travel insurance offers the best possible protection if you have a sudden, unexpected illness or injury prior to or when traveling.

Be aware that most travel insurance policies commonly sold by travel agents DO NOT include high risk outdoor pursuits, such as mountaineering, glacier travel and sometimes not even high level trekking. Look out for terms like “off piste” or “roped travel” under the coverage exclusions in the fineprint of your policy.  Additional cancellation coverage may be available if purchased within 14 days of making your trip deposit.  However, trip insurance can be purchased at any time prior to the start of your climb.

Here are some Insurance recommendations:

 US Residents:

For participants residing in the US we recommend the WorldNomads

  • Check out their “Explorer Plan”.

Canadian Residents:

Travelling Abroad & all trips in Canada we recommend TuGo™ Travel Insurance:

  • Check out their “Adventure Sports Coverage”
  • Coverage for Mountaineering up to 6,000m.

Other Rescue / Evacuation Insurance Options:

If you are not interested in a comprehensive insurance travel insurance package, we recommend the services that are connected with the American Alpine Club. A $75 membership (or $40 student) gets you $12,500 In Combined Rescue Coverage:

  • Up to $7,500 of Global Rescue Trailhead Rescue Services (available worldwide)
  • Up to $5,000 of Domestic Rescue Benefits (available in the U.S. only)
  • Additional Global Rescue benefits can be purchased by AAC members at a 5% discount