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Water Bottles

Expedition Survival Tip

What do you do when you discover your tentmate is a snorer? Thank your lucky stars they’re keeping the bears away.

Youth Agencies

“Armando went from “I cant” to “I can.” It was hugely inspiring.”

We choose to partner with existing youth development agencies rather than recruiting the teens for our programs directly because we believe combined support and resources better address the ongoing needs of under-resourced youth. Big City Mountaineers’ commitment to an equal ratio of adults to teens is quite simply, for the sake of the teens. Many of the youth that BCM works with do not have the kind of personal attention from caring adults that they need and deserve.  Our one-on-one format seeks to provide the most personal interaction between team members and teens as possible.

Dear Prospective Partner:

Thank you for your interest in Big City Mountaineers. Big City Mountaineers is an organization created to offer under-resourced, urban teenagers a dramatic learning experience – a weeklong program, the focus of which is a seven-day backcountry expedition.  We work with teens, 13 to 18 years old, who are interested in bettering themselves and their situations.  This age group is most ready for the challenge we offer and able to understand its importance.

We believe that the backcountry can be a powerful tool for introducing teens to who they are and what they can accomplish. While there is significant value in just being outside, we are intentional about using curriculum to bring learning to the wilderness experience. A Big City Mountaineers trip is both a reward for accomplishment, and a further step in his or her development process.

The Web site contains a wealth of information about BCM including detailed descriptions of what occurs on a expedition.  The website also includes information about the impact our programs have on the teens we serve, our staff, and our expectations of Youth Agency Leaders.

We hope this information gives you an idea of our mission and what happens on our expeditions.   If you are interested in pursuing the matter, we will be happy to meet with you to review your agency and discuss how to begin a partnership.

Join our program today!

We would love to talk to you further about partnering to enroll your youth in our program. Please contact the Regional Program Staff in your area.  Big City Mountaineers programming is available in California, the Pacific Northwest, Colorado, and Minnesota.