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Instructor Pro Purchase

Mt Langley

Hello and welcome to the BCM Pro Purchase page.  Here you will find all of the important info on all of our great discounts on clothing, gear and other fun things that you can use to get ready for your expedition or just out on your adventures.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before you get started, so please read carefully!

#1 – We have some great partnerships within the industry who are gracious enough to extend these great Pro Purchases to us, please don’t abuse them or give anyone a reason to take them away!

#2 – ALL deals are for your personal use only, no ordering for friends, family, spouses, etc.  Abuse of your pro accounts will result in loss of privileges and potentially the loss of pro purchase for everyone involved with BCM, period.

#3 – Read the fine print, almost all purchases cannot be returned, so be sure about size, color etc. before ordering

#4 – DO NOT go into a store and ask to try things on, telling them that you will just pro deal them later, this is considered abuse and can also jeopardize our pro accounts

#5 – Enjoy, there are some great deals out there and specials that change on a regular basis.  New opportunities will be added to this page periodically as well, so check back or get in touch if you need something that you are having trouble finding here.


Matthew Hart

Staffing & Community Engagement Manager

Promotive is our biggest pro purchase site, here you will have access to about 350 brands covering the whole spectrum of outdoor gear.  If you have an account already, use the code below to gain BCM access and discounts.  If you don’t have an account, shoot me and email and I will send you a code.  Once you get your code use it on the home page and get enrolled automatically!

TOPO Designs is a great CO based company that has some really great apparel and funky bags.  Enjoy a 40% discount when you shop online.  Discounts are not available in their retail locations or with their retail partners.  Enter code at checkout for your discount.


Osprey – Code only, contact Matt if you’re interested!

Cascade Designs – Find what you’re interested in on the site, place your order through Matt, discount varies based on product

Mountainsmith – email Jeremy and let him know that you work with BCM, he will give you instructions from there

Outdoor ProLink – Another great site similar to Promotive, but with many different brands and options.  You will need to apply and fill our info on their site, but they will be able to approve you quick from a roster that I have provided


Coming Soon/In the Works as of 6/5/2015:

Osprey – Code only, contact Matt if you’re interested!