Today's Lesson: Working As One
Water Bottles

Expedition Survival Tip

When climbing a mountain, remember reaching the summit is only half the battle. Coming down requires equal energy and focus.

Audio History

Audio History Project

In 2009 BCM undertook an exhaustive interview campaign. Tracing back our roots, we interviewed 20 people who were critical in today’s success. Interviewees included our founder, past board members, early supporters, SFS climbers, and of course volunteers.  Below are 5 of the 20 stories:

  • BCM founder Jim Kern discusses going camping with his son and the unlikely origins of Big City Mountaineers.
  • Skip Yowell talks about his personal experiences building Big City Mountaineers through fundraising and sponsorship.
  • Deanna Filkins shares her experiences laying the groundwork for female inclusion at Big City Mountaineers in the early 90’s.
  • Madrianne Wong reads her story about getting involved with Big City Mountaineers.
  • Mary Kay Stohr talks about learning to relate to street smart teens and developing a special connection.