Today's Lesson: Keeping Your Head Above Water
Water Bottles

Expedition Survival Tip

It gets cold and rains out there in the wilderness so pack accordingly. And if all else fails there’s always the huddle together for warmth method.


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Current Positions:

Summit for Someone Program Coordinator

The Summit for Someone (SFS) program is an adventure-based fundraiser designed to support the programs and mission of Big City Mountaineers. The SFS program is a peer-to-peer fundraising program modeled off of other charity event series such as Race for the Cure, Out Living It, and AIDS Lifecycle. The SFS Coordinator will be charged with administering critical aspects of the program – scheduling trips, planning trip details, managing web pages, tracking donations in Salesforce, and providing high-quality customer service to SFS fundraisers. Each climb is a fundraising event and maintaining a high standard of quality throughout the SFS experience for each participant is critical. For a complete job description and how to apply, click here


Minnesota Property Logistics Coordinator

The Property Logistics Coordinator is responsible for the direct oversight of Big City Mountaineers’ (BCM) Tower, MN Property. This role is charged with ensuring the expeditions are met with a property experience that assists in the delivery of outstanding programming. The Coordinator ensures expeditions are supported for success before entering the backcountry by providing excellent maintenance of the gear, logistics, and property and is a support to the expedition staff. The Coordinator, in congruence with national program plans and standards, supports the delivery of seasonal programs. For the full position description and how to apply, click here.
Expedition Instructors

Our Expedition Instructors are the heart of our programming and serve as the front line for helping us to serve youth across the country. More than anyone else, they understand the importance of the work that BCM does and how best to create a lasting impact on everyone that they work with. The dedicated field staff that works with BCM role models excellent expedition behavior while facilitating an invaluable experience that will ultimately help the youth we work with to feel more empowered in their everyday lives back home. Instructors serve as field risk managers, educators, guides, mentors and stewards as they venture into remote and wonderful areas across the country.

BCM is excited to offer new opportunities for Expedition Instructors to take our youth out into wild places surrounding Minneapolis, Madison, Seattle, San Francisco, Portland, and Denver. For a complete job description and how to apply, click here.

Overnight Camp Instructors

Through 24-hour camping experiences BCM Overnight Camps provide youth, ages 8-12, with a safe and supportive environment to develop an increased sense of self, understanding of their place in the natural world, a passion for lifelong learning and, awareness of healthy lifestyles. Activities emphasize team-building and outdoor education to teach citizenship and teamwork. These activities allow campers to learn critical life skills, using the outdoors as a unique context for these lessons. For a complete job description and how to apply, click here.